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    Home > Products > CustomSync Help

    CustomSync is very easy to use. The Palm users are listed in the left list, the synchronization conduits are listed on the right side. There are some buttons on the application window. Please find their usage below.

    * Buttons Usages *

  • Buy
    Purchase CustomSync software online.

  • Register
    After your purchased CustomSync, you will receive a registration code, which is used to register the trial version to full version.

  • Help
    Get online help.

  • Exit
    Quit CustomSync program

  • Select All
    Select all users in the list. The settings will be updated to all selected users.

  • Clear All
    Do not select any user.

  • Enable All
    Set all synchronization settings to their default behaviors.

  • Disable All
    Disable all synchronizations, set the HotSync conduits actions to "Do Nothing".

  • Refresh
    Reload the system conduits information.

  • Start HotSync Manager
    Start the HotSync Manager program, which is required to be running before HotSync.

  • Apply to Selected Users
    Apply the HotSync settings listed to the selected users' profiles.

  • Default Action
    If this button is checked, the settings will be default and will be applied in all future synchronizations. If the button is unchecked, the settings will be applied only in the next HotSync, only once.

  • * Frequently Asked Questions *

  • Why CustomSync starts up so slowly in its first run?

    In the first run, CustomSync need to search the system for all HotSync conduits information. In the later runs, it will read the information in local cache and will be much faster.

  • How to configure each conduit settings?

    You may simply right click the conduit, in the pop up menu, you may set the conduit action. The typical actions are: Synchronize, PC to Handhelds, Handhelds to PC, and Do Nothing.

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