Frequent-Asked Questions
  • What is ShareXport used for?

    ShareXport is used to share and export Palm desktop application data between different Palm users using the same Palm Desktop application. By synchronizing data on your desktop, you may synchronize the data on different Palm devices.

  • What is the system requirements for ShareXport?

    ShareXport runs on Windows desktop PC, all Windows platforms are supported. Such as Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP, etc. Since ShareXport is used to share Palm desktop data, the Palm desktop is also required, the lowest supported version for Palm Desktop is 3.5. You may free download the latest Palm desktop at PalmOne Inc.

  • Which applications does ShareXport support?

    Currently, ShareXport supports four default Palm desktop applications, the Address Book, Date book , To Do List, and Memo Pad.

  • Is there a MAC version of ShareXport?

    Sorry, currently, we only provide the Windows version of ShareXport.

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