How to use ShareXport?

Actually, ShareXport is very easy to use that you can do the data sharing and exporting without too much help.

On the left side of the application window, there are the users list, you may view the "Current User", and the users to share data. Once you select a user, his or her data will be listed in the list on the appropriate sheet.

You may be very familar with the common Palm applications, they are Address Book, Date Book, To Do List, and Memo pad. ShareXport will also group data in these applications.

If you need to share data, first select the user that has the data, then find the data you want to share, select the user/users you want the data to be shared with, finally, click the [export] button, everything will go fine..

ShareXport is a shareware, which has a ten-days trial period, why not just have a trial :-).


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