Conduits Customization

By clicking the [Custom] button in the SwitchSync main window, the above dialog will be shown to enable user to customize the HotSync conduits.

The different Palm applications are listed in different sheets, in each sheet, you can select the synchronization option as you want. The four available options are : Synchronize, PC to Handheld, Handheld to PC and Do Nothing.

If one user doesn't need to synchonize one application, for example, i don't want to sync my Palm with Outlook Contacts, i am only interested in sync with Outlook Calender and Task, i can select the Outlook sync portion of Address Book to "Do Nothing".

Set Palm Desktop Path

Generally, SwitchSync can search the computer for installed or available Palm Desktop and Outlook conduits, but if you have absolutely installed the Palm desktop and Outlook conduits on your computer while SwitchSync can not find them, you may help to set the path for Palm desktop. You can see the above dialog by clicking the [Option] button on the main window.

After you have changed the paths for these products, you need to press the [Refresh] button to make the SwitchSync search again.

Register SwitchSync

SwitchSync is a shareware and can only be used on a temporary basis ( 10 days ) , if you like it and order it and a registration code will be sent to you within 24 hours. Press the [Register] button on the main window, you will get the above dialog to enter your registration information.


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