How to use SwitchSync?

SwitchSync is so easy to use that you can do the conduit switch job without further help.

You may be very familar with the common Palm applications, they are Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes.

You may want to choose to synchronize with Palm Desktop or Outlook, or both of them. There are lists of radio buttons listed for each Palm application, you can just select them to sync with the desktop application as you want. And the SwitchSync will restart the HotSync Manager to apply the changes.

Here the selection is system wided, that means, your selection will affect all users who are using this PC. You can sync with either the Palm desktop or the Outlook, or sync with both of them. When you choose to sync with both of them, you can also customize for each user. Different users may use different settings in their HotSync ( Synchronize, PC to Handheld, Handheld to PC, and Do Nothing. ) To customize the user settings, please press the "Custom" button on the left of the Window.

SwitchSync Scope

SwitchSync support the four standard Palm PIM applications, the Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes. and the ROM replacements for them. Actually, SwitchSync just care about the data, but not the Palm application.


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